Hanging Banners

Custom Printed · Indoor or Outdoor

Promote, advertise, and share important directions with our Hanging Banners. We offer a wide selection of sizes, materials, and finishing styles for indoor and outdoor applications. Banners are printed on state-of-the-art graphic equipment. Custom sizes minimum 2′ up to maximum 10′ wide* are available– Just let us know what you have in mind. Indoor Banners have a 1 Year warranty, while Outdoor Banners are covered by a 6 Month warranty.

Indoor Options:

Single-sided 13oz Anti-Curl Vinyl Banners are a lightweight choice for signage in high-traffic indoor spaces. This is the same kind of vinyl used for our Retractable Banner Stands.

Single-sided Fabric Banners are made of 8oz Oxford or 4oz Display Poly fabric suitable for indoor use only.

Outdoor Options:

Single-sided 7oz Mesh Vinyl Banners are long-lasting signs ideal for outdoor use thanks to their mesh design allowing wind to stream through. Colors will be vibrant and project clear messaging.

Single-sided 13oz Scrim Vinyl Banners are durable and weather-resistant making them a great match to a variety of elements.

Single or double-sided 18oz Scrim Vinyl Banners are the best choice for double-sided long-term messaging.

Single-sided 6.5oz Canvas Banners are water and UV-resistant– The top choice for outdoor events.

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Quality Printing

G7 Certification Seal

Graphics are G7 certified and printed on state-of-the-art equipment. G7 certification helps ensure the production of the highest quality, consistent and accurate color graphics.

Hanging Banners

Preparing & Submitting Artwork

Prepare the artwork according to these documents:

Submit the print-ready artwork to:

Additional Notes…

*Banners over 9′ wide/high must ship freight.

There is no flat rate for shipping this product. Please contact us to order.

Ships from Woodridge, IL. Illinois residents are subject to state sales tax. Alternative shipping methods and International shipments are available. Deliveries to Canada are subject to applicable taxes and duties.

This item is produced in a ISO Standard 14001:2004 ‘Green Certified’ facility that keeps our environment the priority. Learn more.

Lead time is three production days and does not include time in transit. Rush printing/shipping options are available.

Graphic design services are available at $65 per hour.

Please contact us with any questions.

Hanging Banners

Material SKU Size Template (w/ Grommets) Template (w/ Pole Pockets) Price
Indoor Options
13oz Anti-Curl Vinyl 4WX2H-G-ACV 4′w × 2′h PDF PDF $36
5WX3H-G-ACV 5′w × 3′h PDF PDF $68
6WX2H-G-ACV 6′w × 2′h PDF PDF $53
6WX3H-G-ACV 6′w × 3′h PDF PDF $80
6WX4H-G-ACV 6′w × 4′h PDF PDF $105
8WX3H-G-ACV 8′w × 3′h PDF PDF $105
8WX4H-G-ACV 8′w × 4′h PDF PDF $140
10WX3H-G-ACV 10′w × 3′h PDF PDF $132
10WX4H-G-ACV 10′w × 4′h PDF PDF $174
4oz Display Poly 4WX2H-G-DP 4′w × 2′h PDF PDF $45
5WX3H-G-DP 5′w × 3′h PDF PDF $84
6WX2H-G-DP 6′w × 2′h PDF PDF $68
6WX3H-G-DP 6′w × 3′h PDF PDF $101
6WX4H-G-DP 6′w × 4′h PDF PDF $134
8WX3H-G-DP 8′w × 3′h PDF PDF $134
8WX4H-G-DP 8′w × 4′h PDF PDF $177
10WX3H-G-DP 10′w × 3′h PDF PDF $167
10WX4H-G-DP 10′w × 4′h PDF PDF $221
8oz Oxford 4WX2H-G-OX 4′w × 2′h PDF PDF $63
5WX3H-G-OX 5′w × 3′h PDF PDF $119
6WX2H-G-OX 6′w × 2′h PDF PDF $95
6WX3H-G-OX 6′w × 3′h PDF PDF $143
6WX4H-G-OX 6′w × 4′h PDF PDF $189
8WX3H-G-OX 8′w × 3′h PDF PDF $189
8WX4H-G-OX 8′w × 4′h PDF PDF $252
10WX3H-G-OX 10′w × 3′h PDF PDF $237
10WX4H-G-OX 10′w × 4′h PDF PDF $315
Outdoor Options
7oz Mesh 4WX2H-G-MESH 4′w × 2′h PDF PDF $36
5WX3H-G-MESH 5′w × 3′h PDF PDF $68
6WX2H-G-MESH 6′w × 2′h PDF PDF $53
6WX3H-G-MESH 6′w × 3′h PDF PDF $80
6WX4H-G-MESH 6′w × 4′h PDF PDF $105
8WX3H-G-MESH 8′w × 3′h PDF PDF $105
8WX4H-G-MESH 8′w × 4′h PDF PDF $140
10WX3H-G-MESH 10′w × 3′h PDF PDF $132
10WX4H-G-MESH 10′w × 4′h PDF PDF $174
13oz Scrim Vinyl 4WX2H-G-OB13 4′w × 2′h PDF PDF $36
5WX3H-G-OB13 5′w × 3′h PDF PDF $68
6WX2H-G-OB13 6′w × 2′h PDF PDF $53
6WX3H-G-OB13 6′w × 3′h PDF PDF $80
6WX4H-G-OB13 6′w × 4′h PDF PDF $105
8WX3H-G-OB13 8′w × 3′h PDF PDF $105
8WX4H-G-OB13 8′w × 4′h PDF PDF $140
10WX3H-G-OB13 10′w × 3′h PDF PDF $132
10WX4H-G-OB13 10′w × 4′h PDF PDF $174
6.5oz Canvas 4WX2H-G-ODC 4′w × 2′h PDF PDF $51
5WX3H-G-ODC 5′w × 3′h PDF PDF $95
6WX2H-G-ODC 6′w × 2′h PDF PDF $77
6WX3H-G-ODC 6′w × 3′h PDF PDF $114
6WX4H-G-ODC 6′w × 4′h PDF PDF $152
8WX3H-G-ODC 8′w × 3′h PDF PDF $152
8WX4H-G-ODC 8′w × 4′h PDF PDF $203
10WX3H-G-ODC 10′w × 3′h PDF PDF $189
10WX4H-G-ODC 10′w × 4′h PDF PDF $252
18oz Scrim Vinyl 2WX4H-G-OB18-GDBL 2′w × 4′h · Double-Sided PDF PDF $57
2WX6H-G-OB18-GDBL 2′w × 6′h · Double-Sided PDF PDF $86
3WX6H-G-OB18-GDBL 3′w × 6′h · Double-Sided PDF PDF $128
4WX2H-G-OB18 4′w × 2′h · Single-Sided PDF PDF $36
5WX3H-G-OB18 5′w × 3′h · Single-Sided PDF PDF $68
6WX2H-G-OB18 6′w × 2′h · Single-Sided PDF PDF $53
6WX2H-G-OB18-GDBL 6′w × 2′h · Double-Sided PDF PDF $86
6WX3H-G-OB18 6′w × 3′h · Single-Sided PDF PDF $80
6WX3H-G-OB18-GDBL 6′w × 3′h · Double-Sided PDF PDF $128
6WX4H-G-OB18 6′w × 4′h · Single-Sided PDF PDF $105
8WX3H-G-OB18 8′w × 3′h · Single-Sided PDF PDF $105
8WX3H-G-OB18-GDBL 8′w × 3′h · Double-Sided PDF PDF $171
8WX4H-G-OB18 8′w × 4′h · Single-Sided PDF PDF $140
8WX4H-G-OB18-GDBL 8′w × 4′h · Double-Sided PDF PDF $228
10WX3H-G-OB18 10′w × 3′h · Single-Sided PDF PDF $132
10WX4H-G-OB18 10′w × 4′h · Single-Sided PDF PDF $174
Price: $36