Frequently Asked Questions About Shipping

Will I get a tracking number?

We endeavor to supply one as soon as possible via email. If your order has shipped and you have not received your tracking number within one business day please contact us.

Is rush shipping available?

Yes, on most items. Be sure to contact us right away to arrange rush shipping. Learn more...

Can I use my own shipping account number?

Usually, yes. Not every item can be arranged under third-party shipping, however, on most items we can arrange to ship under your own UPS or FedEx account.

Where does my item ship from?

We ship from many locations across North America, so please contact us regarding the particular item.

What shipping provider do you use?

We use a variety of shipping providers, the choice of which depend on a number of factors such as size, location, and required timeline. The most commonly used are UPS and FedEx, though we consistently evaluate others, particularly on international orders.

Do you deliver outside of the United States?

Yes, we will arrange any necessary details and/or additional freight charges with you upon order. Note that international orders can be subject to taxes and duties. Residents of Canada are subject to GST, and residents of Ontario PST.

Can you ship directly to my show?

Yes. Be sure to provide any necessary documentation that might need to be attached to the delivery, as many tradeshows have their own specific regulations and methods to receive shipments.