What is print-ready artwork?

It is artwork that has been prepared according to the specifications and dimensions outlined in the artwork preparation documents you have been provided. If you do not have these documents please contact us.

It is very important to submit print-ready artwork so that your order can enter the printing production queue quickly and come out looking fantastic.

A quick checklist to ensure your artwork is print-ready:

  • Is it saved as High Quality PDF – Preferred Vector format?
  • Is the color workspace in CMYK?
  • Is all artwork embedded?  (No links!)
  • Is all the text converted to outlines?
  • Is it the correct size, with all bleeds (if required) accounted for?
  • Is it the final version, with no corrections or tweaks required?

I don't know exactly how to create print-ready artwork. Can you help me?

Of course!  We're here to offer advice and technical support on any artwork preparation-related questions.

If you require artwork to be created for you (this includes layout, design, logo creation, stock photo sourcing) we can arrange for a third-party graphic designer to contact you right away.

What happens if I upload artwork that is not print-ready?

It will be rejected. In some cases a professional graphic designer can be arranged to correct minor issues for $65 per hour (minimum one hour).

I think I did everything right, but I'm not an expert.

Don't worry!  The print production team will review the artwork you have submitted and will provide a proof for your review and approval before it goes to print production.

Where do I upload my artwork files?

Upload your print-ready artwork files here.