Environmental Policy

Epic Displays is committed to minimizing the impact on the environment of our business, and supporting green initiatives in sustainability. We start with:

A greener office

A Greener Office

Wherever possible we use environmentally friendly business products and supplies, such as 100% recycled paper, biodegradable cleaners, and low energy consumption appliances and lighting.

Greener power

Bullfrog Power

Epic Displays exclusively uses Bullfrog Power, a leading provider of 100% green electricity. All of Bullfrog's power comes from clean, green sources like wind power and low-impact water power.

A greener website

Green Certified

This site is Green Certified by CO2Stats. CO2Stats meters the total electricity used by computers visiting this site, the servers providing it, and the networks that connect them. CO2Stats then helps to make this site more energy efficient (and load faster), and purchases renewable energy to neutralize the carbon emissions due to generation of that electricity.

Greener trade show displays

Eco•Systems™ • Sustainable Exhibits

We focus on offering the most eco-friendly trade show displays to be found in the world today by focusing on green suppliers and materials, such as our Green Knit fabric tension displays and bamboo flooring.