Frequently Asked Questions About Artwork & Printing

Where do I upload my artwork files?

Upload your print-ready artwork files here.

What does 'print-ready' mean?

It means your artwork has been prepared in accordance with the specifications and dimensions outlined in the documents you were provided. If you do not have these documents please contact us.

I don't know how to create print-ready artwork. Can you help me?

Of course!  We're here to offer advice on your design and give full support on technical questions and issues. Alternatively, we can suggest a third-party designer to create the artwork for you.

Can I upload graphics without having an order?

You can but no proofing will be done until your order has been placed.

I don't know my order number, what do I do?

Your order number is 4 digits and is used to associate uploaded files to your specific order. You can still associate the files by clearly providing the same information you supplied when creating your order, including the company/recipient's name, address, email, and phone number.

What's the standard turnaround time for graphic printing?

Generally... 5 to 7 business days lead time is required. However, some displays require less time and some require more, therefore we recommend you contact us about the particular graphic printing in question for a more specific timeline.

I need my graphics faster than 5 to 7 business days!

Contact us!  We can accommodate almost any rush order, just speak to a client service representative and they will explain the process, give you a timeline, and quote any additional costs that may apply.

What kind of additional costs can I expect to pay for a rush order?

Often, the best method to speed up delivery of your graphics is to arrange priority shipping - and the cost of this depends entirely on transit time and location it's going to. Another method, which is not always available, is to rush printing. We'll endeavor to minimize any and all additional cost to you wherever possible.

Some Frequently Asked Technical Questions

Do you support QuarkXPress / Adobe InDesign formats?

No. If you're using these programs please export the artwork as a PDF file.

What resolution should I prepare my graphics at?

Unless otherwise stated in the artwork preparation documents you were given for your order the minimum resolution is 100ppi (pixels per inch) at 100% final output size.

Should I link images or embed them?

Please embed all images.

How do I ensure my exact colors are printed?

All artwork is converted to and printed in CMYK. If you require a color to match a Pantone color please specify the PMS value when submitting your files. Pantone colors will be closely matched when they are submitted as vector art. Though colors will be close precise color matching cannot be guaranteed without a physical proof.