Eco-Friendly Trade Show Displays

Eco-Friendly IconEpic Displays' most important mission is to significantly improve the environmental impact of the trade show industry (which, historically, has been notoriously wasteful) by offering the most truly eco-friendly displays available today.

Fortunately, an increasing number of businesses are seeing the benefits of going 'green', not just in their offices and practices, but in setting up a more eco-friendly trade show event.

Find here the largest selection of sustainably sourced and constructed trade show displays, signs, booths and exhibits, each made with primary consideration to reducing its environmental impact.

Each product includes a description on exactly what makes it an eco-friendly alternative to its traditional counterpart, which you are welcome to re-print for your green marketing purposes.

Want assistance in choosing the right eco-friendly exhibit? Contact us toll free at 1-855-536-3385 or by email.

Trade Show Exhibits

Today's most innovative, award-winning brands of sustainably designed and built trade show booths.

  • Pre-designed packages
  • Or choose to completely customize your own
  • Truly eco-friendly

Tabletop Exhibits

From pop ups to modular tabletop exhibit kits and more, there is the right green display here for your presentation.

  • Quality materials
  • Portable
  • Quick to set up

Trade Show Furniture

Furniture designed and built to complement trade show displays, made with environmentally sustainable materials.

  • Many customizations possible
  • Built strong, 2 year guarantee
  • Great addition to Inline Booths

Trade Show Flooring

Eco-friendly trade show flooring to support your green exhibit, with several great-looking options to choose from.