6 Reasons To Get An Eco-Systems Display

  1. You don't have to “look green” to be green, and you don't have to pay more either. Eco-Systems displays feature cutting edge design and function as well, or better, than standard trade show displays. And cost the same or less.

  2. Eco-Systems is the leader in sustainable exhibit technology. This team has pioneered the concept and won several prestigious awards, their team leader chairing the committee writing green standards for the industry.

  3. The trade show industry has adopted EPA-mandated standards for “green exhibiting”. We guarantee that when you buy an Eco-Systems display you will own the greenest exhibit available on the market today.

  4. Several conventions are adopting requirements that all exhibits must be green. Owning a non-sustainable exhibit may limit future potential marketing opportunities.

  5. Eco-Systems displays can be a great conversation piece to help break the ice with potential new customers — imagine telling them that the beautiful graphics they are looking at are made 100% from recycled soda bottles. It can also give you a great inroad with socially responsible customers.

  6. Prevent harmful materials from being manufactured and introduced into the environment. (see About the ‘Green’ Materials Used)