About VESA Compliance For Monitors

VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) standards are specific guidelines for monitors and monitor mounts. The standards provide specific guidelines of the mounting hole pattern placement, screw size, and guidelines for the mounting pad or mounting apparatus to be utilized by equipment manufacturers based on the size of the screen and the monitor's weight.

Many monitors are compliant with the VESA standard, and comply with a specific hole pattern on the back to fit any VESA mounting device.

VESA Mount Measurements

VESA measurements.For smaller and medium flat panels, LCD monitors and screens from 12" to 22.9" diagonal, and falling in a weight range up to 30.8lbs (14kg): 75 × 75mm or 100 × 100mm (2.95" × 2.95" or 3.94" × 3.94").

VESA measurements of a 75x75mm bracket. VESA measurements of a 100x100mm bracket.
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