Entasi Options

Here are the available options to further customize your Entasi trade show display. Pricing and turnaround time depend on several factors, please contact us with any questions or if you require a quote.

Rear Projector Opening

Entasi Configuration #3 with Rear Projection and Screen

A rear projection opening is a heat sealed, 3″ diameter hole placed in your fabric graphic, allowing a projector unit to remain hidden while projecting onto a screen.

It's available on the following two graphics:

Clean Fit Backer Colors

To ensure a perfectly fitting and smooth graphic, a Clean Fit Backer is sewn to the back creating a “pillow case” that goes easily over your frame.

The backer is available in your choice of 5 colors.

  • White
  • Black
  • Red - PMS 200U
  • Burgundy - PMS 228U
  • Royal Blue - PMS 2945U

Please note PMS color values are approximate and for reference only, actual color may vary.

Custom colors are also available at an additional charge.

Powder Coating

Powder coating is a durable, colored finish available to be applied to just about any Entasi component made of aluminum tubing.

Available in 20 colors listed here. Note PMS color values are approximate, actual color may vary.

Entasi Powder Coating
  • White
  • Dark Brown - PMS 476C
  • Brown - PMS 4705C
  • Flourescent Orange - PMS 1655C
  • Orange - PMS 152C
  • Satin Black - Black
  • Dark Grey - Cool Grey 11C
  • Grey - Cool Grey 9C
  • Light Grey - PMS 420C
  • Ruby Red - PMS 491C
  • Red - PMS 200C
  • Yellow - PMS 108C
  • Sunrise Yellow - PMS 1235C
  • Green - PMS 3415C
  • Forest Green - PMS 357C
  • Light Blue - PMS 2915C
  • Blue - PMS 653C
  • Royal Blue - PMS 2747C
  • Purple - PMS 267C
  • Metallic Gold - PMS 874C

Adding color to your frames, stand offs, podiums, and accessories, allows for more creative options and helps maximize impact.

Custom powder coating colors are also available, please call for quote.

Lambda Laminates

Lambda Laminates for Entasi Stand Offs

Graphics used on the stand offs are produced using the highest quality digital photographic equipment on a clear or flex substrate. You may choose the options to print on:

  • Clear Lambda w/ Matte Front & Gloss Back
  • Flex Lambda w/ Textured Laminate
  • Flex Lambda w/ Gloss Laminate
  • Flex Lambda w/ Matte Laminate