Custom made banner hanging on a building exterior

Epic Displays provides custom made banners for advertising in any space, indoor or outdoor, in any size, and in a complete variety of premium materials and finishing options.

Contact us today and we'll make it easy to get started on a great-looking banner.

A Custom Banner For Any Location

Epic Displays provides signage to large and small businesses all over the United States, Canada and Europe. This includes custom banners for:

Custom banner hanging in a museum
  • Banks
  • Outdoor Advertising
  • Museums
  • Sporting Events
  • Theaters
  • Shopping Malls
  • Retail Interiors
  • Lobbies
  • Tradeshows
  • Restaurants
  • Dealerships
  • Hotels

Deciding On the Material and Finishing

The type of material and sizing of the custom made banner is most likely dictated by the space you are filling and the style you are looking to project.

Your banner may hang indoors or outdoors. It may be fabric from translucent to opaque, sheer to a heavy knit or it may be vinyl from scrim mesh to blockout. An Epic Displays client service representative can help recommend the best material and the appropriate print process for your banner.

How your banner will be installed is an important consideration. Our expert crafts people set the bar in the finishing world, creating custom banners on a daily basis. Your creativity is never limited by their capabilities, with proper direction and understanding of your installation our team will finish your banner to your needs. Pole pockets, notches, grommets, pillow casing, fabric combinations, Velcro® connections, extrusion systems, aluminum pole systems, and anything you can think of, we can produce it. Banner finishing options are discussed in greater detail further below.

Choose From A Wide Range of Materials

The following table shows describes some of the more popular materials chosen for custom banners. A client service representative will be able to help you sort through these choices to get the best custom banner for your space.

Material Description Weight Price
Celtic Cloth The most popular tension fabric material; soft matte surface texture 5 oz. $14.40 sq./ft.
Celtic Recycled Cloth Same look and feel as Celtic Cloth, made from 59% recycled content 5 oz. $16.20 sq./ft.
Sports Mesh A polyester eyelet material; ideal for outdoor banners 5.2 oz. $14.40 sq./ft.
Poly Poplin A soft matte surface texture canvas 5 oz. $14.40 sq./ft.
Poly Satin A smooth surface with a beautiful satin shine 3.8 oz. $14.40 sq./ft.
Poly Silk A silky surface with a luxurious look 2.1 oz. $14.40 sq./ft.
Hercules A heavy weight canvas material 6.2 oz. $15.30 sq./ft.
Weave A semi-transparent, soft matte material 3.8 oz. $14.40 sq./ft.
FabriMesh A heavy, screen-like mesh material 8.0 oz. $14.40 sq./ft.
MicroKnit Recycled A soft knit canvas material made of 55% recycled content 6.6 oz. $16.20 sq./ft.
Solv-it! Vinyl A smooth, glossy vinyl with a woven texture backside; ideal for outdoors 13 oz. $12.60 sq./ft.
Solv-it! Mesh A matte surface vinyl; primarily used for outdoors 9 oz. $13.50 sq./ft.
Solv-it! Blackout Vinyl A heavy, matte vinyl that blocks out virtually all light from behind 15 oz. $13.05 sq./ft.

Finishing Options

Custom banner finishing options

The following outlines and describes the various finishing options available for your custom banner.

Single-Sided Banner • A banner with an image printed on only one side of the material.

Double-Sided Banner • A double-sided banner can be produced by printing two individual banners and sewing them back-to-back. An opaque layer is sewn between the two banners upon request for $1.50 per sq. ft. additional.

Grommet • A round metal eyelet which can be used for fastening or hanging. Unless a grommet size is specified, the default size is a 3/8″ grommet.

Hem • An edge folded back and sewn. To prepare a side of the banner for a hem, it needs to be printed ½" bigger than the finished size. Example: A finished banner at 20″ × 20″ and hemmed on all four sides should be printed 21″ × 21″.

Surged Edges • A finished stitch along the edges of a banner. If surged edges are sewn, a hem is not needed.

Pole Pocket • An edge folded over a specified distance, sewn and used to hold a pole for hanging.

Seam • If a banner is wider than our bolts of banner material, a sewn or taped seam will be necessary. Large Solv-it! vinyl banners are seamed with a welding process.

Opaque Blocker • For materials that are not opaque, an opaque blocker is recommended between double-sided banners to avoid seeing the images through the banners. It also may be applied to a single sided banner to block the light. Blocker is $1.50 per sq. ft.

Special Notes

Custom banner hanging on a building exterior

The minimum size for a custom banner is 4 sq. ft. This does not apply to duplicate orders of 2 or more of the same print.

Duplicate graphics may receive a discount, please contact for a quote.

All finishing options are included in the square foot price, except the opaque blocker. Banners are finished per your specification with pole pockets, grommets and seams at no extra charge.

If the banner size required is wider than the bolt of material there will be one or more seams. These seams can run horizontal or vertical at your choice.

All materials can be ordered as fire retardant. Please allow 7–10 business days for materials that are not already fire retardant. Add $0.85 per sq. ft. for fire retardancy.

Add $22 per banner for wind slits.